Skip the waiting room ( and any per visit fees) by visiting with a doctor over the phone or video chat using any smart device any time, any place.


Doctors Online

Easily access our network of medical professionals by email or smart device to get your healthcare questions answered through a resource you can trust.


Health Advocate™ Solutions

Need assistance navigating the complexities of healthcare and insurance? Health Advocate™ Solutions helps you sort out medical bills and insurance claims, clarify benefits, coordinate care between multiple providers and more.


Pharmacy Savings

Save an average of 46% on most prescriptions at major pharmacies across the country.


Whether you need benefits for an individual, a family or a group, OnDoc has a package for you!
Individuals and Families

Get low-cost benefits for yourself and your dependents.

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Employers and Groups

Offer simple solutions to the people in your organization.

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But it doesn’t have to be.

When it comes to health care, it seems like costs are rising while coverage is lacking. You shouldn’t have to be concerned about money, hassle or adequate coverage when it comes to your family’s health. With OnDoc, you have access to high-quality doctor visits without any hidden costs.

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With OnDoc, you have an entire network of doctors at your fingertips… literally.

OnDoc allows you to access a doctor anytime, any place over the phone or smart device. Get doctor visits for yourself and household dependents for just $30 per month! Whether or not you have insurance, OnDoc offers a variety of services to help you take control of your health care. 

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Christy Miller

Christy Miller

Washington DC

Going to the doctor used to be scary for my son, but now he loves it! The video chat is his favorite He thinks it’s fun, and we avoid the waiting room tantrum… thank...

Samuel Christensen

Samuel Christensen

New York, NY

My wife and I are obsessed with OnDoc. They help us with everything, from getting a quick visit to saving money on medications. We are so glad we signed...

Kathryn Adams

Kathryn Adams

Modesto, TX

Having four young children means getting anywhere is hard. If one or more of them is sick, it can be downright impossible. With OnDoc, I can talk to a doctor and get medicine for my little ones...

Jeffrey Cooke

Jeffrey Cooke

Melbourne, FL

Last season’s flu had me down for the count. I was practically bedridden! Luckily, OnDoc made it easy to get in touch with a doctor who sent a prescription to the pharmacy down the street. Easiest...