Justyn Payne – Believer

Although he lives in the bustling city of Pittsburgh, Justyn considers himself to be country guy. He spends his days “riding in a bucket in the air” as a tree service technician. Even when he isn’t working, he enjoys being in the great outdoors. Hunting, fishing, camping and hiking are some of his favorite activities. You might also find him competing in a Strongman competition. 

Justyn was drawn to OnDoc in part because of the opportunity it presents to millennials like himself. He aspires to be one of the younger leaders of OnDoc helping others in his generation experience healthcare services in an on-demand, technology focused way that comes naturally to those who grew up in the digital age. Teladoc has been his favorite service as he is constantly getting into poison ivy due to the nature of his work and “outdoorsy” lifestyle. 

“What I love most about OnDoc is being able to give someone the opportunity to see their lives change, of giving them a better lifestyle,” he says.

Newly promoted to Believer, Justyn is definitely on the climb!