Bill Connelly – Believer

“It’s not so much about me, but WE.”

One of OnDoc’s newest Believers, Bill Connelly has been involved with sports all his life. Whether as a player or spectator, he strongly values teamwork which is part of why he’s found a home in network marketing. Bill has been a part of several different programs over the years where his motto has been, “It’s not so much about me, but WE.” In fact, he found out about OnDoc through Bill Marler who he has regularly worked with on different business endeavors. 

Bill resides in Atlantic City, New Jersey where he also works in a casino for a little extra fun and income. He really enjoys interacting with others and meeting new people. He also enjoys spending time with his three children, ages 18, 16 and 12. “My biggest goal in life is to make them proud of their father and leave a legacy for them,” he says. 

With the changing healthcare landscape, Bill sees a lot of opportunity with OnDoc and how it can help people access affordable and convenient care. He likes how many of OnDoc’s services provide 24/7 access and are patient-centered. He also likes the pay plan and how members can easily advance.  

“The products are great. It’s a no brainer,” he says. Bill looks forward to growing and sharing his skills with the OnDoc team.