The medical industry can be complicated and frustrating.


With three main product offerings – Health Advocacy, Medical Bill Saver™ and NurseLine™ – OnDoc helps you navigate the complexities of healthcare, medical bills, and insurance.

Health Advocacy

Insurance clarification
Get a clear picture on your benefits, claims, and medical bills.

Find answers
Get answers to questions about tests, treatments, and medication options.

Senior care
Get assistance with eldercare and related healthcare issues.

Medical Bill Saver™

Get the lowest payment
Experts will attempt to negotiate discounts on medical and dental bills.

Have a plan?
Medical Bill Saver advocates can work out payment arrangements and find options for non-covered services on your behalf.


On-demand health care
Access a registered nurse any time, any place.

Find answers
Get detailed information on a range of concerns, including appropriate treatments for minor emergencies or illnesses.


Simple and inexpensive health care solutions. Happy customers.