Jason Reich

Denver, CO

OnDoc is an excellent way to drive down healthcare cost while giving people access to quality medical care for their routine, non-life threatening...

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Maurice Moon

Seattle, WA

This is innovation at it's best! The power of technology has afforded us many luxuries, but the stakes get much higher and more valuable when it's used to help with one of humanities most pressing...

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Samuel Christensen

New York, NY

My wife and I are obsessed with OnDoc. They help us with everything, from getting a quick visit to saving money on medications. We are so glad we signed...

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Christy Miller

Washington DC

Going to the doctor used to be scary for my son, but now he loves it! The video chat is his favorite He thinks it’s fun, and we avoid the waiting room tantrum… thank...

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Kathryn Adams

Modesto, TX

Having four young children means getting anywhere is hard. If one or more of them is sick, it can be downright...

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Jeffrey Cooke

Melbourne, FL

Last season’s flu had me down for the count. I was practically bedridden! Luckily, OnDoc made it easy to get in touch with a doctor who sent a prescription to the pharmacy down the street. Easiest...

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Laura T.

Teladoc Customer

A few days before New Year’s my husband notices this nasty looking lesion on his leg that had become itchy and sore. He waited until January 2nd to call the Dermatologist and our family physician,...

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